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History of the Montague County Area.

I am concentrating on the area of North Texas from Wichita Falls to Arkansas and South to Denton. Most of the residents of the Nocona area that I have traced came from Tennessee or Arkansas. There was a lot of traffic between Nocona, Sherman, Pilot Point and Denton.

If you have any interesting stories about people, places, events, or things in this area or related to this area. I would love to hear them.

1903 Staver Buggy
  Our long distance axle, solid foot dash, tops stitched with welt,
and our own make of bodies gears and forgings enable us to furnish

"The Best Goods for the Money"

Staver Carriage Company
Chicago, Illinois

This is a "carriage"
Advertisement date was 1903.
A Buggy carried two people with one or two horses.
A Carriage carried four people.



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