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History of the Montague County Area.

I am concentrating on the area of North Texas from Wichita Falls to Arkansas and South to Denton. Most of the residents of the Nocona area that I have traced came from Tennessee or Arkansas. There was a lot of traffic between Nocona, Sherman, Pilot Point and Denton.

If you have any interesting stories about people, places, events, or things in this area or related to this area. I would love to hear them.

Pioneer travel
The Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don't Rise

The story of a perilous journey by an itinerant man of God and the perils he endured to support his flock.
Life and work on the frontier J. H. Cox. Early Memories of Montague County.

Several extracts describing life and work on the frontier in Montague County Texas. Memories of game, hunting, descriptions of prairies and forests, spring roundup etc.
Pioneer Family Life In Montague County Texas

Not really a story but a compilation of descriptions of the pioneers in the early history of Montague County Texas.
Indians of North Texas and Montague County

Who were they and what were they like?



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