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Mary Eellen (Mellie) Toby McCall

Mary Ellen Toby McCall

Mrs. William Asbury McCall


1854 - 1926

Married 11/23/1871 Norristown Arkansas


Moved to Nocona in 1891 



Col. C. E. Tobey, whose thread mill had been burned, was operating the ferry at Dardanelle, Arkansas. John McCall recognized him as procurement officer in Price's army. Mr. Tobey told the boy, W. A. McCall, to go up to the house and his daughter would give him a pail of milk. Mary Ellen "Nellie" gave W. A. McCall the milk and later her heart. They were married in 1868 and lived in a log house at Dardanelle.

She worked in the hardware store.

She helped with the cows.

She raised chickens and cleanded the hen house.

In April, 1911 she reported that she had buried 75 young chickens this spring and thinks it is cholera a that kills them

She worked in the garden planting and caring for:

Onion, peas, corn, mustard, radishes potatoes,Irish potatoes, pole beans, melons, watermelon, popcorn, sweet potatoes, lettuce cucumbers, mustard, radishes, beats(sic), turnips, guba peas,  peach trees, apple trees, pear trees.

W. A. McCall Diary 1899 - 1914




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