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William Asbury McCall   1845 - 1915


When the MK&T Railroad offered  a special excursion to Nocona, a new town, he came to take a look. He liked the looks of the country, went back to Arkansas for his family 1889 and arranged to have supplies to start a hardware store. 

He bought a lot on North Front Street for the first store and a block across the street from the depot for a home site.

He also brought his father John McCall and two uncles, A. P. Black and J. N. McElwee who were carpenters and built the store and houses.

He immediately opened a hardware store in Nocona. Over the next several years, he opened other stores in Ringgold, Hobart, and Pilot Point

1901 He and Cadmus opened the store In Hobart where Cadmus moved to run the store. This store was originally in a tent with a wooden floor. Cadmus' first child, James William McCall was born there.

His family tends to think of him as a hardware dealer and banker. Neither is correct. He was a cotton and corn merchant who dabbled in hardware and banking.

He left a rather extensive diary of the years from 1899 to 1914.

The following link is not complete but it is way more than you can read in a single setting.
If you read it, you will notice that 98% of the business related entries are about cotton or corn. 1% about the banks, and almost nothing about the hardware stores. ( He had at least four of them. Nocona, Ringgold, Hobart, and Pilot Point. I am still researching this issue.)

W. A. McCall Diary 1899 - 1914

As a teenager he was threatened repeatedly during interrogations by Union soldiers attempting to find John and the supply wagons.  He would be placed on the back of a horse with his hands tied behind him and a rope around his neck tied to a tree limb. They would spook the horse and make it jump around but fortunately they never carried out the threat. He was advised to go with his father, as he would be safer in the army. He did so and enlisted as a private, At the age of 16, William fought in the battle of Oak Hill, also known as The Battle of Wilson Creek.




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