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John Washington McCall

Born June 7, 1817 in McMinn County Tennessee

Died June 11, 1911 Nocona, Texas

Came to Nocona 1889 at the age of 72.

Who Killed Wild Bill?  (John McCall - Crooked Nose Jack.)

"Born on a mountain top in Tennessee."

He was born in McMinn County TN. Moved to Knox County TN. by age three. Grew up on farms in McMinn and Knox counties. His father owned 160 acres in the Hiwassee District of Knox County, and three tracts of 160, 160, and 80 acres in Knox County. It is not known if these three tracts were contiguous.

This makes him a contemporary of Davy Crocket. Crocket grew up in Knox County. He would have been 34 years old when John arrived there. Undoubtedly John grew up on stories of Davy Crocket.  See maps.

That is not to say he was another Davy Crocket but consider the similarities. John was Scotch-Irish. Davy was Scotch-Irish-French-Huguenot. They were both born in log cabins in what we would consider the wilderness. Both were raised by pioneer families. They both raised all the vegetables and shot most of the meat they ate. They both lived in log cabins built with their own hands, they both repaired their homes, roofs, barns, fences, and dug their water wells by hand. Their windows had no glass and were covered by shutters. They were both educated in the school of hard knocks. Neither had anything like what we would consider an education. They were both exposed to the same people with the same values. The major difference was that Crocket moved frequently until his father opened a tavern when he was about 8.

Crocket left for Texas in 1834, McCall left for Missouri in 1836.   

Story of Davy Crocket.

John came to Nocona at an advanced age. Even so, I believe he worked at the Post Office for a time. I have seen, but do not posses, a photo of postal employees in which he is included.

Don't know much about his time in Nocona but he was definitely an interesting character. Most census records list him as a farmer but he was, during the war, a supply sergeant in the Confederate Army. 13th Battery, Missouri Light Artillery. The records indicate he enlisted as a Sergeant.

His son, W. A. McCall, as a teenager was threatened repeatedly during interrogations by Union soldiers attempting to find John and the supply wagons.  He would be placed on the back of a horse with his hands tied behind him and a rope around his neck tied to a tree limb. They would spook the horse and make it jump around but fortunately they never carried out the threat. He was advised to go with his father, as he would be safer in the army. He did so and enlisted as a private, At the age of 16, William fought in the battle of Oak Hill, also known as The Battle of Wilson Creek.   See:  WA - William Asbury McCall

brothers were in the Union Army, and there were bitter feelings among family and neighbors because of these differences of opinion. He participated in the Oklahoma land rush in 1889 and acquired property in Hobart where W.A. McCall immediately built a home and opened a hardware store.

He had several sons. A cousin wrote about his sons: 

I remember these kids as a wild bunch, hard-riding, fighting, riotous lot of boys .

Two of his sons, Nelson and Lindsay were murdered - after capture by Northern forces -by Kansas Jay Hawkers. They were told to trot hand in hand toward the bushes - if they made it, they would have a chance to get away. But both were shot before they reached the brush just for the fun of seeing them fall. Nelson was killed immediately, but Lindsay lingered on and died in a Northern war prison, after being picked up by regular U.S. soldiers from where he was left for dead.

 In reprisal for the murder by Kansas Jay Hawkers of his sons, Nelson and Lindsay, Uncle Johnny rode into Chesapeake, Missouri, where a gathering of the element who killed his boys met, threw his rope on the leader and dragged him some 10 miles over a flint rock area, and hung him from a tree not far from Marionville, Missouri, then emptied his gun in his head. I saw that tree.  (Thadeus Dale McCall)


John's nieces and nephews believed and have recorded in their family histories that John Washington McCall was in fact the John McCall that killed Will Bill Hickock and that Crooked Nose Jack McCall aka Bill Southerland was indeed misidentified and hanged unjustly. They tell several stories that somewhat support their position. I cannot completely debunk the stories but I do not believe the conclusion. 

After the war, his son William and his wife were in Dardanelle Arkansas. In 1871 they went back to Missouri. Since the war was over in 1865, there is a six year period in which John was away from his family.  I suspect he was raiding the Northern forces and Jayhawkers during that time and probably did go to North Dakota during that time.

Who Killed Wild Bill?  (John Washington McCall  or Crooked Nose Jack.)



McMinn County Tn

McMinn County Tennessee. Birthplace of John Washington McCall 

Green County Tennessee

Green County Tennessee. Birthplace of Davy Crocket. 

Knox County Tennessee

Knox County Tennessee. Residence of both men.







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