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Joshua Calvin “Josh” Howard  1850 - 1938


Came to Bonita 1878


History of Howard Family



In 1870 Josh and others left Tennessee and settled in Denton County at Pilot Point.  His wife to be Nancy Langford, daughter of Thomas Jefferson Langford, was also from Overton County and they had come to Pilot Point with nine wagons and 15 people..  About 1871 they married and lived in Pilot Point until about 1878 when they decided to move on to Bonita in Montague County. 

Josh’s nephew George Andrews wrote an article published in the 3 July 1953 Nocona News that he as a lad had watched the cattle herds go by Uncle Josh’s place in Bonita and that sometimes small calves stranded on the trail would be left by the trail drivers in Uncle Josh Howard’s front yard as a gift. 

Josh and his brother John Anse donated much land for schools, churches, railroad station and businesses to help the town to grow.  John Anse operated a dry-goods store and Josh operated a large cotton gin and gristmill combination for 27 years.  The cotton gin received cotton from all the surrounding counties and from counties in Oklahoma.  

It appears that two banks were started in Bonita in 1906, The First National Bank of Bonita with Josh Howard as President and the Bonita State Bank with C. McCall elected President.

In 1928 the Security National Bank of Nocona was organized with Josh Howard, President and M. M. Gilbert as cashier.  There is a stock certificate that was sold to Isaac

Josh had a buggy while in Bonita and one of his grandsons pushed it into a creek and destroyed it.

 Josh also had the distinction of buying the last buggy in Montague County.  He bought it at the J.B. Marsh Hardware and Furniture closeout sale from Clark A. Hood.  Josh’s son Port Howard traded a Shetland pony that belonged to his sons, Jody and Hag for a horse to pull the buggy.  

Josh had a model T at one time as his grandson Jody Howard remembers riding in it.

Josh lived with his son Port’s family the last two years of his life.

Pee Wee Harlason remembers Josh being called “Mr. Bonita” during his life there.

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