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Dr. Robert A. Foster  1862 - 1927

Don't have much on Dr. Foster.

He was the head of a pioneer family in Nocona.

This man was not what you think of when you think of a doctor today. He not only treated his patients but took a personal interest in their life. I have seen several reports of him helping his patients with their personal chores even to working in their garden when they were too sick to do for themselves.

From the diary of W. A. McCall-
03/24/1915 Clear, cool and windy. At home on the sick list. Jack and Dock splitting up stove wood for us.  Jack Foster was  the son of Doctor Foster, and the owner of Jack's Auto Parts.

( When has your doctor split stove wood for you? )

Dr. Foster was the first citizen of Nocona to own an automobile.

1908 News Clipping.
Dr. R. A. Foster is the possessor of another new auto-mobile, and the "chu-chu' of the machine gives notice that Nocona is up-to-now. This makes 5 machines here now, probably more than any other town of similar size in the state.

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