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People are listed in alphabetical order - last name, first name.

If your ancestor is not included, it is because s/he is not old enough or I don't have the information. I am only looking for people from the pioneer families but would consider any interesting story prior to around 1950.

Amon G. Carter
Amon G. Carter
James Absolom Fooshee James Absolom Fooshee (Jim)
Came to Montague County around 1880. Very colorful character.
Dr. Robert A. Foster Dr. Robert A. Foster
Pioneer Nocona Doctor.
Joshua Calvin  "Josh" Howard Joshua Calvin “Josh” Howard
Banker, Farmer,  Founding of Bonita. "Mr Bonita"
Enid Justin - Lady BootMaker Enid Justin, The Lady Bootmaker
Arguably the most famous citizen of Nocona.
Cadmus McCall Cadmus McCall
Merchant, Banker, Rancher, Oil Man
Cadmus McCall J. A. Lesh
Pioneer Oil Man
Cadmus McCall John Washington McCall
Who killed Wild Bill?
William Asbury McCall (WA) WA - William AsburyMcCall
Hardware merchant, corn and cotton dealer, banker, rancher
William Asbury McCall (WA) Mary Ellen Toby McCall
Look at the photos. There is no question who was the boss of this family.
William Asbury McCall (WA) Captain Thomas Paine
Pioneer South of Prairie Valley.
William Asbury McCall (WA) Columbia Elizabeth McWilliams Paine
Pioneer, South of Prairie Valley



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