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Apache Indians Montague County Texas History



Relations With Native Americans in Texas

First recorded Indian battle in Montague County Texas

The Lipan Apaches, a western Texas group, were generally hostile to the Spaniards, but when pressed by the Comanches, they asked for protection. In 1749, the Spaniards negotiated a general treaty of peace with the Lipans, one of the earliest on record, and in the spring of 1757 established Santa Cruz de San Sab Mission, near the site of present Menard,  ( 100 miles south of Abilene) for these Indians.

On March 16, 1758, about 2,000 Comanches and their allies attacked the mission, destroyed it, and killed eight people. A year later the Comanches took the presidial horse herd, a prize of more than 700 horses and mules.

Allied with the Comanches in these attacks were various northern tribes, among them Wichitas, Taovayas, Tonkawas, Bidais, and Tejas. In the summer of 1759, in order to punish these Indians, Col. Diego Ortiz Parrillaqv led a force of 600 soldiers, Apache allies, and mission Indians against a combined force of Taovayas and Comanches at Spanish Fort on the Red River near the site of present Nocona, in Montague County. From within a fort that flew a French flag, the Indians mounted a counterattack and inflicted a humiliating defeat upon Ortiz's troops, capturing their cannons and forcing them to retreat to San Sab.

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