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P.O. Box 118826
Carrollton, TX  75011-8826



Thomas P Paine
Family of Thomas P. Paine
Came to Montague County around 1880.


T. P. Paine Family  
Bottom Row Left to Right:
Harry Paine
T. P. Paine Sr.
Columbia Elizabeth McWilliams Paine ( Mrs. T.P.  Paine Sr.)
T. P. Paine Jr.

Middle Row, Left to Right:
Endora Paine Graves
Mattie Paine Drake
Annie Paine Davis
Carrie Paine Weeks?
Maggie Paine Mays

Top Row Left to Right:
Quinton Paine
James Madison Paine
Walter E. Paine
Dexter E. Paine
Guston L. Paine.


T. P. Paine Ranch House 

Note the team of four black mules. I cannot determine what they are hitched to. It is not a wagon and does not look like a plow. It must be some heavy implement to require four mules. 

Next look just to the left of the right hoof of the leftmost black mule. You will see a small boy, the youngest person in the photo, playing with what looks to be a silver wheel or hoop. I believe it is a wheel similar to a bicycle wheel. He seems to be holding it by the axle.








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