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Family of William Asbury McCall
Came to Montague County in October 1889.


In 1889 the Missouri Kansas and Texas Railroad opened the railroad to Nocona. They offered free excursions to any one who wanted to visit the new town. One wonders if they offered free prizes.

William came on the excursion to see the town and apparently liked it. He returned to Arkansas and move his family into Texas. Two of his relatives had already been in the area a number of years: Steve Tobey was mail carrier from Gainesville to Montague, and George Tobey was cowboy for Sam Howard near Spanish Fort.

His grandfather John McCall  had come through the area in the 1870's on a "land prospecting trip."

He left Arkansas October 9, 1889, bringing his family: 

Oct.   9, 1904 - Threatening rain, cool & pleasant, 15 years today I left Ark
Oct. 10, 1904- 15 years today to Nocona

His Father John Washington McCall 74 years of age.
is Mother, Nancy Robinson McCall 71 years of age.
His Son, Cadmus Mc Call 15 Years of age.
His Uncle Price McCall.

They were Methodists.
W. A. was a mason and a strong abolitionist.

Descendants of John McCall

William Asbury McCall*
Cadmus McCall*
   James William McCall*
   Mary Nell McCall*
   Cadmus McCall*
General Price McCall
Delilah Jane "Jennie" McCall (Mrs. A. P. Black)*
Nancy Appline "Appie" McCall (Mrs. James McElwee)*
Martha Clementine McCall
Mitchell Alexander McCall*
   Amacy "Mace" McCall*
      Gertrude Jennete "Jennie" McCall*
      Milton P. McCall*
Marion Frances McCall
Thomas Nelson McCall
John Lindsay McCall

* Buried in Nocona, Texas.

Two brothers in law: A. P. Black and J. N. McElwee and their families.
Black and McElwee were carpenters.

His Mother did not stay long. She died in 1892 in Norristown Arkansas.

He promptly bought business and residence lots, A residence was built and the first place of business was the hardware store on West Front Street, now called Willow Street. Later the hardware store was in a stone building on the corner of Clay and Oak Streets, which later was sold to Barlow & Harbour, who sold to J. H. Cone, then W. L. Scott bought the building, the location now being the site of the Nocona Branch of Legends Bank.

It seems he bought the entire block, or at least three fourths of the block on Highway 82 bounded by Denton, Sherman, and east Mesquite streets for residential use and a lot on North Front Street for the first store.

Business Interests Included:

Hardware, Furniture, International Harvester farm implements.
  1)  Nocona
  2)  Ringgold
  3)  Hobart
  4)  Pilot Point

Bonita State Bank
Bonita National Bank
Nocona Farmers and Merchants National Bank
    Security National Bank
      Changed name and moved from Bonita to Nocona.

Oklahoma Land Rush
Nocona Cottonseed Oil Mill
Creamery ( Nothing known of this enterprise )
Oil and Gas Production
Consumer Loan Company
Insurance Agency

W.A. McCall Family Group

Left to right 

Numbers indicate generations and are above standing people and below seated people.

Front Row ( four ladies ) 
  Aunt Ada?
  Grandmother Tobey (1)
  Mary Ellen Toby McCall 'Mellie' (2)
  Jennie McCall Black

Standing in front of rail behind Grandmother Toby: Nancy McCall McElwee?

Back left seated : General Price McCall

Girl Seated on Porch: Mary Nell McCall Storey (4)

Man seated on porch with hat: J.N. McElwee

Above McElwee

seated: ?

Standing Minnie Myrtle McElwee

Man standing right of McElwee with hat in his right hand. W.A. McCall (2)

Young Man left to right

James W. McCall (4), Mrs. Davis

Back Row upper right. Nell McGillicuddy McCall leaning on pillar, Cadmus McCall (3)


Jan. 2, 1905 - Cadmus & I went to Pilot Point to take inventory of dry goods Jan. 3, 1905 - Bussy (sic) all day invoicing

Jan. 4, 1905 - Sold out today to Martin & Farris but had to finish inventory.

There was a bank in Pilot Point called the Farmers & Merchants Bank. It is not recorded, but I would bet a dollar against a peanut that he liked either the banker of the name and used it for hiz own bank.







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