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W.A. McCall Hardware Store, Became W.A. McCall and Son when it moved to Clay Street.
The W.A. McCall Hardware Store was originally housed in a tent with a wood floor. The original location is unknown. When the lot was purchased on North Front Street the building was constructed.

This store was not like the normal hardware stores of today. They sold hardware and tools but also furniture, bedding, clothing, home appliances and farm implements. One record exists of the sale of a "home entertainment system" consisting of an Edison  Kinetoscope and Shineopticon combined moving picture machine, one Edison home phonograph and entire set of films" J. Henry Gardner of Montague County Texas. The date of this sale was 1902.

In  July 1905 when the terrible 'cyclone' hit Montague, they sent donations of  "blankets, coats, etc." to the victims.

The farm implements were International Harvester, Deere, and McCormik.

Originally Cadmus assembled and adjusted the implements to work correctly. He was the primary salesman, delivery service, and maintenance service. He also trained the customers to use the equipment if necessary.

W.A. McCall and Son Hardware Store



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