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P.O. Box 118826
Carrollton, TX  75011-8826




Nocona National Bank

Nocona, Texas

Charter No 5338 ( Name change only)

Merged into The Peoples National Bank of Nocona (#11959) on 4/20/1921

Opened  December 23, 1904

Officers September 15, 1891 September 1, 1910 Other
President Edward Rines

Chas. A. Glass

Vice President D.C. Jordan    
Cashier J.G. Clark
Assistant Cashier     Nelle Berry

D. C. Jordan

W. S. Thurston    
S. A. Loving J. M. Grayson    
J. J. Berry Edward Rines    
J. A.Fooshee Luther B. Smith    
Clark Black (Sr.)      



The Nocona News
Nocona, Montague County, Texas

Thursday, December 24 and 31, 1908

Last Saturday night in this city was solemnized the wedding of two of our most popular young people, Mr. JAMES A. ADDISON and Miss NELLE BERRY. The wedding was a very quiet affair and was in the nature of quite surprise to their many admiring friends. Mrs. Addison is the popular assistant cashier of the Nocona National Bank and is a young man of exemplary habits, who has by his untiring energy and business sagacity built himself up to the honorable position which he now holds and stands in line for greater and higher things in after life. Miss Berry is the accomplished daughter of J. J. BERRY, who has been reared to womanhood in this city, and who counts her friends by her acquaintances. She will make for her husband a worthy helpmeet and he is to be sincerely congratulated upon the prize he has won.






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