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Bonita State Bank

Nocona, Texas

Charter. Texas # 81

Opened April 16, 1906

Closed March 21, 1912

04/19/1906 ( Unknown news paper )

Cad McCall has been elected president of the new Bonita State Bank. Good for Cad and also for the bank. Perry Waid of Bonita will be cashier.

The Bonita State Bank was re-chartered as the Bonita National Bank

Officers April 1906
President C. McCall
Vice President J. C. Howard
Cashier P. E. Waid
Asst. Cashier  


Nocona News 03/29/1912

"The Bonita State Bank which has for the past six years been doing business at Bonita was absorbed last Friday by the First National Bank of Bonita. The Bonita State Bank had a working capital of 10,000.00 while the First National will have a working capital of 25,000.00 and a 10,000.00 surplus. The officers elected for the National Bank are as follows: J. C. Howard President, C. McCall Vice-President, S.H. Camp, Cashier; the directors J. C. Howard, C. McCall, S. H. Camp, J. M. Flemming, and J. R. Modrall"

Interesting Comment for Nocona old-timers.

At least one $20.00 bank note was signed by M.M. Gilbert as Cashier and countersigned by both C. McCall and Joe L. Janeway as president.

I have another $20.00 National Currency Note series 1912 signed by S. H. Camp but with no countersignature.



employeesPhoto of employees of Bonita National Bank
J. C. Howard is second from left in top row.
















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